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Bike Repair Shop

Standard Tune-up


  • Gear Adjustments
  • Brake Adjustments
  • Wheel Truing
  • Drive-Train Lubrication
  • 50% Off Tire Installation
  • Frame cleaning and visual inspection

Super Tune-Up


  • Standard Tune-Up plus:
  • Ultrasonic Chain and Cassette Bath
  • Drive-Train Cleaning
  • Hub and headset adjustments
  • Bar Tape and Grip Installation
  • Major Wheel Truing

Complete Overhaul


  • Super Tune-Up plus:
  • Complete Bike Strip-down
  • Hydraulic Brake Services
  • Bearing Replacement
  • Tubeless Services
  • Discounted Suspension Services

*Prices include labor only. Parts are extra. 

Bicycle Playground Service

We've Got Your Back

When you bring in your bicycle into our bike repair shop for service and maintenance, our staff will discuss your needs in terms of what is necessary and what you would like to see done. They'll be sure to clearly indicate what to expect out of the tune-up, cleaning, or repair that's going to happen- and they will carefully explain what they recommend, always respecting your choices and your budget. We are happy to answer any questions about the benefits of bike maintenance and why you should keep your ride fully tuned up. 

Professionally Certified Mechanics

Professionally Trained and Certified

All bicycle makes and models are accepted here, not just the ones we sell. And every member of our service team participates in training sessions with factory service techs several times each year.

Whether it’s a minor tune-up or a major bicycle repair where we go completely through your bike and get it running like new, you can count on us to do the job right the first time, every time.

Service Appointments

Appointments Are Helpful

If you prefer the convenience of an appointment, we'll let you know how long the repair will take so that you can plan accordingly. If it’ll be ready quickly, you might want to check out what's new in our store while you’re waiting.

Our Bicycle Service Menus - A La Carte Labor Rates


BB adjustment - loose ball bearing$25
BB installation - press-fit*$40
BB installation - threaded*$30
Cable/housing replacement - external$20
Cable/housing replacement - internal
Cassette installation*$20
Chain guide system installation$60
Chain installation*$20
Chainring installation*
Crankset installation*$30
Derailleur adjustment*$35
Derailleur installation*
Pedal installation*$10
Shifter installation (ea)*$35
Ultrasonic cleaning & gear adjustments$50

Accessory Installs

Aero drink systems$30
Auto rack - receiver hitch$30
Auto rack - roof/spare tire$80
Auto rack - trunk$30
Baby seat*$40
Cleats (free with purchase of shoes)$15
Computer  (GPS/wattage)$30
Computer - wired$30
Computer - wireless*$20
Rear rack$20
Training wheels*$50

Misc Rates

Excessively dirty bike/cleaning fee$20
Shit charge - child$25
Shit charge - dog$20
Shit charge - horse $35
Shit charge - other  
Spider fee - cleaning them off$25
Spider fee - mechanic got bit$50
Rush service - 24 hour$50


Brake adjust/install pad - disc$20
Brake adjust/install pad - standard$12
Brake bleed/clean pistons - disc$35
Brake install - standard*$20
Brake install disc - cable actuated*
Brake install disc - hydraulic$60
Brake lever install - cyclocross*$70
Brake levers install (w/cable install)$25
Cable install - internal routing
Cable install - standard brake$12
Cables install - Gyro$25
Disc brake caliper or lever overhaul
Disc brake rotor install$8
Disc brake rotor true minor$12
Disc brake rotor true$15


Aero bars clip-on install*$25
Bar tape install*$15
Bar ends install*$8
BB threads chase/tap$45
Derailleur hanger alignment$20
Derailleur hanger replacement*$20
Fork install (includes cutting fork)*$50
Grips install - lock-on*$5
Grips install - std*$10
Handlebar install - road*$40
Handlebar install - MTB*
Handlebars - cut MTB*
Headset adjust$8
Headset install*
Headset overhaul*$20


Cassette install*$20
Freehub body overhaul/replace*$35
Hub adjust$15
Hub overhaul$35
Stan's Sealant refill$15
Tire/tube install (electric bike)$50
Tire/tube install (internal geared)$25
Tire/tube install (on bike)$12
Tire/tube install (wheel only)
Tubeless set up - fat bike (per wheel)$60
Tubeless set up - std (per wheel)
Tubular install$50
Tubular install (w/tire purchase)
Wheel build - internal nipples$65
Wheel build - re-using spokes or rim$80
Wheel build - std$85
Wheel true - extensive / spoke replacement
Wheel true - std$35

*50% discount on select labor rates with parts purchased here. Certain labor rates may involve extra fees. For example, a crankset installation may also involve installation of pedals and/or bottom bracket.

Depending on complexity of bike/component/service, hourly labor rates may apply ($150/hr). Cost of parts not included in this list. Hourly labor rates are reduced upto 50% on bikes and parts purchased from us.