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Moots Vamoots RSL
$7,000.00 - $14,025.00
If we may be so bold, this is simply the best titanium bike out there. You're looking at Moots because you're already familiar with their quality control, their precision welds, and their timeless style. What sets this model apart from the rest of their line-up is the use of oversized 3/2.5 titanium tubing to maximize performance and their use of seamlessly-drawn 6/4 ti to allow for a smooth, yet connected ride. The description that is constantly over-used in the industry is "laterally stiff while vertically compliant", but this bike really manages to provide a race-level pedaling platform that will please the most aggressive sprinters while being comfortable enough for all-day club rides. There are those that overlook titanium because of the weight penalty over some of the lightest carbon offerings. This frame has weighed in for us at 1220 grams for a 56cm. While this is not as light as some of the carbon offerings in that price range, it's not far off. As a comparison, a Parlee Altum in that size has weighed in at 790g, a Pinarello Dogma hovers around 1100g, depending on the paint job, a Bianchi XR2 is a 1040g frame. When you consider the 454gram to 1 lbs conversion, you're talking about a frame that's within a pound of some of the best bikes on the market, but with the ability to get custom sizing and lifetime durability. If you're a techie, this frame has all the features that you would expect in a bike of this caliber. It has an oversized 44mm head tube for a tapered fork (to improve steering precision), it has a PF30 bottom bracket shell to help maximize torsional and lateral stiffness, it has CNC'd drop-outs, and of course Di2, EPS or eTap compatibility. Moots has recently added finish options such as polished logs, anodizing, and engraved head tubes.
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