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Moots Bicycles

Moots Vamoots RSL
$7,000.00 - $14,025.00
If we may be so bold, this is simply the best titanium bike out there. You're looking at Moots because you're already familiar with their quality control, their precision welds, and their timeless style. What sets this model apart from the rest of their line-up is the use of oversized 3/2.5 titanium tubing to maximize performance and their use of seamlessly-drawn 6/4 ti to allow for a smooth, yet connected ride. The description that is constantly over-used in the industry is "laterally stiff while vertically compliant", but this bike really manages to provide a race-level pedaling platform that will please the most aggressive sprinters while being comfortable enough for all-day club rides. There are those that overlook titanium because of the weight penalty over some of the lightest carbon offerings. This frame has weighed in for us at 1220 grams for a 56cm. While this is not as light as some of the carbon offerings in that price range, it's not far off. As a comparison, a Parlee Altum in that size has weighed in at 790g, a Pinarello Dogma hovers around 1100g, depending on the paint job, a Bianchi XR2 is a 1040g frame. When you consider the 454gram to 1 lbs conversion, you're talking about a frame that's within a pound of some of the best bikes on the market, but with the ability to get custom sizing and lifetime durability. If you're a techie, this frame has all the features that you would expect in a bike of this caliber. It has an oversized 44mm head tube for a tapered fork (to improve steering precision), it has a PF30 bottom bracket shell to help maximize torsional and lateral stiffness, it has CNC'd drop-outs, and of course Di2, EPS or eTap compatibility. Moots has recently added finish options such as polished logs, anodizing, and engraved head tubes.
Moots Psychlo X RSL Frameset
$4,960.00 - $5,070.00
Moots' Psychlo X RSL is designed and built to dismantle the toughest cyclocross courses in the world. Moots uses their painstakingly shaped, custom-butted 3/2.5-titanium tubing to pare weight down to an absolute minimum. This careful construction also imbues the RSL with the legendarily smooth ride ti is known for. An oversize PressFit 30 bottom bracket shell and tapered chainstays give you out-of-this-world power transfer. While the 44mm head tube and Moots carbon RSL fork offer outstanding cornering precision and control. And, there's a flattened, shoulder-friendly top tube, too. Mud, barriers and the competition are no match for you and your Psychlo X RSL!
Moots Mooto X RSL Frame
Moots knows exactly how it feels to zip on that race number plate, toe the line, and turn yourself inside out while adrenaline courses through your body—they built the Mooto X RSL for just those moments. This impeccable XC race bike is built with the highest grade, US-sourced 3/2.5 seamless butted titanium for low weight, high stiffness, and pure speed. Moots also includes a 44mm head tube, a PressFit 30 BB, and an oversize seat tube so the Mooto X dominates punchy climbs, rails high-speed turns, and rockets off the line to grab the holeshot. Moots' proven geometry and the big 29-inch wheels come together to create a wickedly fast magic carpet that'll make you a regular on the podium.
Moots Vamoots DR Frameset
Moots' craftsmanship goes well beyond gorgeous welds and dialed geometry; with the Vamoots DR, you get a tailor-made ride for long days in the saddle. Utilizing U.S.-made titanium throughout paired to an ENVE carbon fork, the Vamoots DR is light and snappy for exceptional handling, not to mention vibration damping for hours-long comfort on backroads, gravel, or tarmac. Features abound, such as clearance for 28mm tires, a full 44mm head tube for precise steering, a bump-minimizing 27.2mm seatpost diameter, and a disc-ready rear end for reliable, powerful stopping power. Acceleration, cornering, climbing: Moots has thought of everything, and it's all right here in the Vamoots DR.
Moots Routt 45 Frameset
$3,850.00 - $3,960.00
For dusty, all-day gravel grinders; epic dirt road descents; fire roads that climb to the cerulean heavens; twisty, off-camber forgotten paths; or for the discerning rider who simply wants a do-it-all bike that does it all incredibly well, there's Moots' Routt 45. Moots uses their painstakingly shaped, custom-butted 3/2.5-titanium tubing to pare weight down to an absolute minimum while still maintaining excellent strength. This careful construction also imbues the Routt with the legendarily smooth ride ti is known for. As an evolution of their Psychlo X cyclocross race bike, the Routt is a bit lower and has a more forgiving geometry for miles and miles of hard-packed fun. Taking paved streets? Throw some 23c tires on. Leaving the asphalt for the peaceful openness of unnamed dirt roads? Toss on up to 44mm-wide 'cross tires. Whether you choose the Moots carbon RSL fork and canti brakes or a disc-ready ENVE carbon fork, the front end, with its beefy 44mm tapered head tube, offers outstanding cornering precision and control. And, cables are routed along the top tube to stay clear of any mud or dirt you may pick up along the way. For those routes less traveled, travel on Moots' Routt.
Moots Mooto-X RSL Frame
Moots' objective in building the Mooto-X RSL 29er is the same as yours every time you twist-tie on a number plate: winning! Their finest XC race bike is built with the highest grade 3/2.5 seamless butted titanium for low weight, high stiffness and pure speed. Moots also includes an oversize head tube, a PressFit 30 BB and an oversize seat tube so every climb seems smaller, high-speed turns are carved tighter and holeshot sprints are yours for the taking. Of course, the magical ride of a Moots is still here, and it's further enhanced by their size-specific tubing. Combine this with Moots' proven geometry and 29-inch wheels, and you've got an XC rocket that will make you a regular on the top step of the podium.
Moots Vamoots CR Frameset
Since 1981, Moots frames have been handcrafted in Steamboat Springs, Colorado by a talented group of dedicated riders and master welders who understand what a bike should do and how it should ride. All that experience culminates in their Vamoots CR Frameset. It boasts aerospace-grade 3/2.5 titanium, a svelte carbon fork, and dialed geometry for a telepathic feel and dreamy ride. The CR accelerates, corners, and climbs with aplomb. Even more, the titanium tubes soak up rough roads so you enjoy luxurious comfort, too. The CR's brilliant ride will motivate you while its impeccable craftsmanship, which has made the Moots name legendary, will inspire you.
Moots Mooto-X YBB Frame
The Mooto-X YBB is Moots' most popular mountain bike, and for good reason! It's made from seamless 3/2.5 Ti with Moots' renowned pivotless YBB suspension that takes the edge off of bumpy trails with just over an inch of travel so you can log some serious saddle time. No air, no oil, no pump needed—the legendary YBB rear end is simple, effective and virtually maintenance free! At the other end, Moots' oversize head tube boosts front-end stiffness for excellent steering precision through twisty turns and rocky downhills alike. From solo jaunts in the backcountry to leg-burning XC races, the Mooto-X YBB has the speed and skills to keep you riding your best!
Moots Mooto X Frame
Handmade in the Colorado Rockies, Moots' Mooto X Frame delivers precise steering, unreal climbing, and the magical ride of seamless Moots 3/2.5 titanium. Moots takes their proven geometry and pairs it with 29-inch wheels for extra traction and rollover capability in all terrain. The Mooto X strikes an ideal balance between incredible cornering prowess and the ability to float over rocks, roots, and dips with ease. It also boasts an oversize head tube for stiffness, a formed down tube, and shaped stays so you can run big tires. Build up your Mooto X and experience a whole new world of buttery-smooth off-road speed and control!
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