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Think Asymmetric

Despite the increasing demands of a frenetic market Pinarello never cut corners when it comes to pure research...Research into new materials, new geometric solutions, new systems, to use in the production process.

For Pinarello, research and new concepts are never just "marketing pre-tests", but rather, true progress and innovation. This is why they are our own first testers. Everyday, they test tubes, frames, forks and components on the roads that surround us, testimonial sites of legendary feats, from Montello to the Dolomites.

And if they withstand the relentless tests, they are then passed onto champions and then onto you.

This is the only way Pinarello can be sure that are are offering you the very best and the reasoon that Bicycle Playground chose to work with this great bicycle manufacturer.Pinarello Bikes - Now at Bicycle Playground